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Our Savage Trading Strategies.

This is an exclusive set of scripts designed exclusively for the Crypto Nomad “Savage Traders” Community. All of our scripts are custom designed because we want you to stand out from basic strategies that the masses of traders are using with conventional trading tools.

Highlighting our most accurate features are the many optional Buy / Sell Signals and of course our Special Multi Layered Take Profit and Stop Loss Signals & Alerts

All of our tools are using multiple indicators and using many conditions like volume, trend analysis, support & resistance, close price, and multiple other factors that give you deadly accurate signals that standard indicators can not provide at any price!.

Rookies and Pro’s alike, love the accuracy and ease of use that our tools provide.


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Benefits Of My Custom Indicators -Never Wonder About A TradeMinimize Your Trade RiskLive Trade AnalysisPrivate Users GroupHelp With Your Learning CurveInstructions And Latest Settings That Work

We Have- Excited -- Happy -- Profitable -- Eager To Learn -Traders From All Walks Of Life

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